ABOTA Illinois Sponsors National Teachers Law School

The Illinois Chapter is proud to sponsor the ABOTA Foundation’s second National Teachers Law School (NTLS) program, “Navigating Social Justice and Democracy in the Classroom.”

Held virtually on July 28-29, 2021, NTLS welcomes civics education teachers to learn more about how to navigate social justice and democracy. Guest speakers include Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, the Hon. Edward M. Chen, Rebecca H. Cokley, Dr. Bobby Donaldson, Dr. Karen Korematsu, Sofia McDonald, Patrice Sulton, Don Tamaki, Mary Beth Tinker, Dr. Ralph Young, and more.

The ABOTA Foundation believes that teachers are the primary guardians of democracy.  Through their knowledge and skill, they teach the next generation about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Recognizing the integral role that teachers play in the defense of liberty, the ABOTA Foundation has created resources and opportunities for teachers and students to grow in their knowledge of the Constitution, the judicial system and civic engagement.

Please visit www.abotacivics.org to register or get further details.

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